Electric window drive makes people's home environment greatly improved

The electric window opener can reach the desired control and safety settings for the window. It is fashionable, convenient and safe, which makes people's home environment greatly improved. Therefore, the intelligent electric window opener is very useful and suitable for the scenery.

What are the skills of the smoke exhaust window for electric window drives?

A) General requirements for smoke exhaust windows


1. The exhaust window system needs to use an electric system and is suitable for natural ventilation. All electrical settings should be incorporated into the fire linkage system.

2. As a natural smoke exhaust window, the smoke exhaust window should be satisfactory for the high temperature test such as BS 7346-2 or EN 12101-2, and provide a world-approved test report. It is necessary to have the inspection report and certificate of the National Fire Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

The gas storage capacity of the automatic smoke exhaust window storage tank should be at least satisfactory for all the smoke exhaust windows in the maximum smoke prevention zone set by the system, which are urgently opened and closed three times.

3. Manufacturers need to equip the appropriate number of electric window openers and electric locks according to the width of the smoke exhaust window (according to the requirements of the actual requirements, each smoke exhaust window should be equipped with at least one or more electric locks) to ensure its airtightness. Watertight and guaranteed to meet the requirements of planning wind pressure.

The overall installation of the window drive, control box, power system, pipeline system, as well as the overall system equipment commissioning and cooperative fire inspection. The manufacturer shall be a professional manufacturer of smoke exhaust window systems with at least 10 years of relevant experience and shall be able to supply ISO 9001 system certification for the planning and production of automatic smoke extraction systems.

4. The smoke exhaust window should use the electric system to provide anti-failure function. The anti-failure method uses mechanical methods to open the smoke exhaust window. In case of fire, in any situation, including not limited to power failure or gas break, the smoke exhaust window All should be able to open automatically to ensure the safety of the life industry.

Manufacturers need to supply relevant calculation materials according to the characteristics of their smoke exhaust window system, including the open stroke of the smoke exhaust window system, the locking force, whether it is equipped with electric locks, electrical requirements and other related documents.

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