What are the main problems with intelligent electric window drives?

What are the main problems with intelligent electric window drives?

In the era of high-speed development, intelligent windowing will make our days more convenient and convenient, but do you notice the details that can only be noticed in the application of the window-opening system, which will give us a detailed explanation of the use of intelligence. There are several key points to be aware of in the process of opening the window system. To understand and understand these points, you will be more comfortable and comfortable in the application process.

First, the smart window is to stop the forced use of the manual to open the closed window, especially during the process of opening and closing the window;

Second, the placement of the control box of the intelligent window system should be located in a place that is not accessible to children and children, to prevent attacks other than;

Third, if the indoor environment is extraordinarily humid, do not operate the switch of the window opening system, because there is definitely a risk of electric shock;

Fourth, if the window opener is out of order, the warranty service will be provided during the warranty period. If the accident occurs in the accessories of the private assembly system, the company does not assume any responsibility;

5. If any abnormal situation is present during the operation of the window opener system, please intercept the power supply in time;

6. Don't let the child touch the smart window. The child's curiosity is strong. If you are not careful, it is very easy to be pinched by the window.

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