How to choose the right electric window opener according to the type of window?

Shanghai Dolby Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in No. 589, Quwu Road, Minhang District, Shanghai (China Dream Valley Industrial Park). The geographical position is superior and the traffic is very convenient. The company's predecessor is a professional R&D enterprise that provides OEM and ODM for customers who are engaged in various types of door and window control systems in Europe, America and Southeast Asia. After continuous development and continuous accumulation of its own resources, it has gradually developed into a product development, production, sales, installation and commissioning of its own brand (Dolby), smoke exhaust window, electric window opener and window opener fire linkage intelligent control system. High-tech enterprises with after-sales service.

Dolby's main products are various types of window openers, electric chain window openers, electric screw window openers and electric rack type window openers, as well as electric smoke exhaust windows and window opener fire linkage control systems, etc. Meet the different needs of customers and achieve tailor-made according to the project.

Selection of electric window openers:

Detailed requirements for the type of window you are planning to choose a different electric window opener: first confirm the type of window: is it overhang? Hanging? In the middle? Skylight? Sliding window? Casement window? Beveled window? Row windows? Still other special windows or equipment.

1) If it is a sunroof: it is preferred to use a rack-and-push type electric window opener. This method is most suitable for stressing in the straight direction. There is no twist, perhaps it is resistant to wind and rain, and the thrust is generally Do a lot. 2) If it is a sliding window: To choose a rack-type or push-rod type electric window opener, this method is more suitable for running in a straight line. When closing the window, the sealing of the window sash is good. 3) If it is a blind: use a small rack-type or push-rod electric window opener. 4) If it is up/down/suspension: It is also possible to use a chain type. 5) If the window you are planning is large or too heavy: the width of the window is large (beyond the width of 1.5 meters) or when the window is opened/closed, the push/pull force of the demand is large (beyond 450N), then double push will be considered. Electric window opener, double push with push-pull double push and chain double push, it is a machine with two push rods or two chains to push and pull the same large window to ensure the opening of the window is stable Degree of sealing and sealing.

2. Select the travel or viewpoint of the electric window opener:

Open stroke: Converting the open viewpoint of demand into the linear interval of opening the window, only for daily ventilation, the open viewpoint should generally not be greater than 30 degrees, and the stroke is 300-400mm; but there are fire requirements, when the fire signal is linked, The maximum viewing point for a window to open is typically 60 degrees.

3, the selection of the push-pull force of the window opener: generally between 200N-1000N, a brief push-pull force calculation F = 1/2 (window weight) * (open maximum stroke / window height). The strength of the smallest window opener is 200N, which is basically satisfactory for the use of general windows.

4. Selection of power supply for window opener: Power supply for window opener: AC220V, AC110V, DC24V, DC12V, DC48V, etc. Generally, the daily ventilation and ventilation power supply AC220V; when there is fire protection requirements, DC24V power supply must be used; and the communication facility uses DC48V.

Related accounting for windows:

1. The window is open for accounting of the area of smoke exhaust:

1) Overhanging window accounting: S=B×C and S=B×H take the minimum value (open 60 degrees for full opening)

2) Skylight accounting: S=B×C+2×(1/2 H×C) S=B×H is the minimum value

2, the window open push and pull force accounting:

1) Overhanging window: F = (0.54 × P) × (C / H)

2) Skylight: F=0.54×P P=window fan component F=necessary push-pull force C=open stroke H=window height

The company's main business is divided into two key areas: one is: professional, focus on electric window opener, window machine control system and peripheral supporting facilities research and development and production; second: the company has professional smoke exhaust window production and The R&D team designs and manufactures special profiles for all types of smoke exhaust windows. It can be customized to produce garden-type electric light exhaust smoke skylights, side-opening electric light exhaust smoke skylights, wind-proof electric light exhaust smoke skylights, and one-line electric lighting light. Smoke skylights, triangular electric lighting smoke skylights, side opening lighting windows, suitable for all kinds of lighting projects.

The company is committed to becoming a professional integrated supplier of comprehensive door and window intelligent solutions. In the process of continuous development, we will work hard to create greater value and support for our customers. Dolby Industrial is willing to grow together with our customers, make progress together, and make unremitting efforts to achieve a win-win situation in the market.

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