What is the linkage operation of the window opener?

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Linkage operation of electric window opener

1. Linkage with fire protection system

a, with backup power automatic switching function, the power supply size is selected by the field system equipment to select the battery A / H

b. With the indication signal automatically returning to the fire base function, this function is used to determine the working condition of the electric window opener

c. It can form a local fire early warning system independently, that is, there is an external smoke and temperature sensing interface in the system.

d, with independent passive contact points

2. Linkage with indoor environmental control system

In the linkage system, the electric window opening machine automatically turns on/off the ventilation window, the sunshade louver, the window sunlight reflection angle, etc. according to the signal or the self-test signal of the building monitoring base, so as to adjust and control the humidity in the room, The temperature and oxygen content are required to arrive at the environmental policy of the system. The existence of the linkage system can fully reflect the superiority of intelligent buildings.

Application of electric window opener

The ways to open the windows are: upper hanging window, middle hanging window, lower hanging window, sliding window, casement window, bevel window, skylight and blinds, etc.

(1) If the upper hanging window, the middle hanging window, the lower hanging window, and the inclined window can select the chain type electric window opener, the occupied space is small and the concealing property is good.

(2) If the sliding window is available with a rack-type or worm-type electric window opener, the two types of window openers are linear motions, and the window closure is better.

(3) If the sunroof can be equipped with a rack-type or worm-type electric window opener, the two types of window openers are not easy to bend during movement, and have greater bearing capacity for wind and rain, and the thrust can be made larger.

(4) If the window is planned to be heavier (more than 800N) or the width of the window exceeds 1.5 meters, double-chain or positive-pole, positive-rod rack-type window opener should be used.

(5) If the blinds can be used with a dedicated rack or worm type electric window opener

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