What is the usual goal of an electric window drive?

Dolby's main products are various types of window openers, electric chain window openers, electric screw window openers and electric rack type window openers, as well as electric smoke exhaust windows and window opener fire linkage control systems, etc. Meet the different needs of customers and achieve tailor-made according to the project.

The company's main business is divided into two key areas: one is: professional, focus on electric window opener, window machine control system and peripheral supporting facilities research and development and production; second: the company has professional smoke exhaust window production and The R&D team designs and manufactures special profiles for all types of smoke exhaust windows. It can be customized to produce garden-type electric light exhaust smoke skylights, side-opening electric light exhaust smoke skylights, wind-proof electric light exhaust smoke skylights, and one-line electric lighting light. Smoke skylights, triangular electric lighting smoke skylights, side opening lighting windows, suitable for all kinds of lighting projects.

General guidelines for electric window drives

1. Driving force (including external thrust and shortening force)

This policy is directly related to the weight of the driven window. The unit is generally Newton (N). The driving force of the single-type electric window opener is generally 200N-1000N.

2, flexible stroke

Directly affects the angle of the window opening. (Note: the larger the stroke of the chain window opener, the smaller the driving force)

3, travel speed

Generally, the unit is in mm/s. Since the speed of the electric window opener should not be too large, the existing policy is ≤40mm/s, and the general speed is not adjustable.

4, operating frequency

Refers to the number of repeated operations in a unit of time, this policy directly affects the operating life of the electric window opener, the general electric window opener is not suitable for repeated occasions to open the window

5, the operating voltage

In general, the AC220V voltage operation method can be used. When it is used in conjunction with the fire protection system and in special occasions for safety appliances, the DC24V voltage operation method is selected.

6, operating current

This policy can be used to select the power supply of the large electric window opener linkage system. In general, the electric window opener in the intelligent building can be used up to several hundred at a time.

Dolby electric window drives are primarily used in these 12 local areas:

1. High-level windows: the windows are oriented at a higher or too far distance, and the windows are not accessible by humans alone.

2, the window is too heavy, open or close the effort, manual switch is not convenient to use

3. Fire-fighting smoke exhaust windows with fire-fighting linkage ventilation requirements on the floor

4, there are climate open / close window requirements, for example: windows that need to be automatically closed when it rains

5. For indoors with constant temperature requirements, such as: windows for vegetables or flower greenhouses

6, the room temperature is required, the temperature is too high, automatically open the window,

7. For indoors with strict air index requirements, timely punctual ventilation

8, the indoor demand is more suitable for the brightness, need to adjust the angle of the blinds to complete

9, the window demand is more severe to close the sealing force, such as the sunroof rain protection needs to be closed tighter

10, other special occasions, such as chemical, dust and other factory workshops, need timely ventilation

11. Green, intelligent and energy-saving modern high-rise buildings, such as curtain wall windows, etc.

12, building automation, smart home control, etc.

Electric window openers are electric machines used to open and close windows, so they are called "electric window openers" or "electric window openers", referred to as "window openers" or "window openers". Now it is a high-tech product for the domestic construction profession, and the “smart electric window” is the latest development of the modern window profession.

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