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Electric window opener becomes a real smart window after participating in various sensors

The electric window opener allows the window to be electrically operated. It can be converted electrically and manually. After participating in various sensors and then connecting with the control center, it forms a perfect closed loop and becomes a real smart window. People can do their best to open the air in the company office in the company office. There is no need for human interaction when the climate changes, and the window will automatically close.

The smart home system is divided into several levels:

The first choice is home automation: the first thing you need to do is to automate the organization of your home. This step is very important. The door plus the electromagnetic lock of the door opener becomes electrically operable, and the window is opened. The window device also becomes electrically operated, and the window cloth plus the electric window cloth machine can be electrically operated. When all can be electrically operated, and then they are connected by radio, and then set up a control center host (CPU) to jointly control the protocol, humans can communicate with the host to control all.

The second is to establish a home network center: the home network center not only includes the “home LAN”, but the home LAN is a part of the home network center. The home network center is within the scale of construction (expanding multiple buildings, building groups, communities), and the home network center is an important link with the WAN. As long as the connection to the WAN (Internet) is completed, people can complete the construction and travel to the rest of the world to continuously control all the buildings.

The third is what has just been said: WAN Internet

The fourth is back to the control terminal in people's hands. But so the computer can also be a mobile phone, tablet, etc.


At present, Internet skills and control terminals are sophisticated, and there are many big manufacturers in the home control center products. The only thing missing, such as Haier, Huawei, and Xiaomi, is the prosperity of various kinds of fulfillment organizations. Now the appearance of door openers and window openers just fills a small corner of this huge gap.

Traditional doors and windows are just a kind of thing to shelter from the wind and rain. People didn't realize the effect of windows and doors in building energy. Following the construction of a smart city, in order to allow more people to enjoy health, safety, energy-saving work and days, Starry brings intelligent and innovative system solutions to the energy conservation of building doors and windows.

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