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Electric window drive makes smart home from concept to product landing

First and foremost, science: Smart Home is a revolutionary event that has improved in recent years to improve the living environment of human beings. Fully combined with existing electromechanical and control skills, network communication skills, and unprecedented transformation of human settlements to reach manned and unmanned, off-site control and even directly from the building according to environmental changes or time node changes fully automatic Perform actions and conditioning.

Complete site safety precautions (full-view point adjustable video surveillance, live close to automatic lock doors and windows, obstruction of entry, automatic alarm in distress or use communication means to automatically tell the owner of the scene of fire, excessive toxic gas, etc. can automatically trigger rescue, ventilation and other functions ), automatic conditioning of the environment, (including audio and video, lighting, temperature, humidity, automatic conditioning, etc.), to create energy-efficient and efficient construction equipment and daily business management methods, improve construction safety, comfort, convenience, livability, supply More energy-efficient and environmentally friendly living environment.

Retrospective development of smart homes: As early as a few decades ago, humans have been exploring the plans and techniques to make their living environment smart, but they have been slow to develop until the Internet spreads, especially the rapid development of mobile Internet. So that people can truly connect all kinds of electrical appliances in the home and construct subordinate equipment (such as audio, television, multimedia equipment, lighting equipment, ventilation and sunshade equipment (doors and windows), air conditioning, plumbing equipment, access control, monitoring equipment, wardrobes, etc.) Go to the home network center and centrally control together to intelligently and automatically control.

Among them, infrared, radio frequency and other wireless skills and WIFI equipment provide a very important control skill guarantee. Along with this, another very important link: the implementation of the organization's products is also constantly moving forward, such as electric door openers, electric window openers, electric window cloth machines, electromagnetic locks, and other products presented and sophisticated, plus The continuous emergence of various types of inductive probe products, such as temperature sensors, smoke sensors, wind and rain sensors, and biological sensors, makes the completion of the smart home system possible.

Dolby's main products are various types of window openers, electric chain window openers, electric screw window openers and electric rack type window openers, as well as electric smoke exhaust windows and window opener fire linkage control systems, etc. Meet the different needs of customers and achieve tailor-made according to the project.

The company's main business is divided into two key areas: one is: professional, focus on electric window opener, window machine control system and peripheral supporting facilities research and development and production; second: the company has professional smoke exhaust window production and The R&D team designs and manufactures special profiles for all types of smoke exhaust windows. It can be customized to produce garden-type electric light exhaust smoke skylights, side-opening electric light exhaust smoke skylights, wind-proof electric light exhaust smoke skylights, and one-line electric lighting light. Smoke skylights, triangular electric lighting smoke skylights, side opening lighting windows, suitable for all kinds of lighting projects.

The company is committed to becoming a professional integrated supplier of comprehensive door and window intelligent solutions. In the process of continuous development, we will work hard to create greater value and support for our customers. Dolby Industrial is willing to grow together with our customers, make progress together, and make unremitting efforts to achieve a win-win situation in the market.

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