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What are the requirements for the selection of electric window openers?

About the selection of electric window openers

First of all: the electric window opener (window opener) has entered the domestic market for more than 20 years. It is no longer the situation of the "foreign brand" in the early stage, and the price has long been no longer expensive. The era of 10,000 yuan on a former machine is gone forever. The level of domestic production technology has also reached the level of the world's window machine brand. The price of a domestic brand is increasingly advantageous. Responsible, no national plot, no need for patriotism. Only from the cost-effective selection, domestic brands are the wise choice of the owners, and the after-sales maintenance of domestic window machines is more convenient.

Secondly, how to choose the type of window opener: At present, there are two types of electric window openers in the domestic market: chain type window opener and pusher type window opener. The two methods of window openers have their own strengths, single chain window opener: push-pull force scale between 200N and 650N, that is, about 20kg to 65kg stroke: 200mm to 1000mm; 2) pusher type window opener (including teeth Strip window opener, screw type window opener): Push-pull force 300N to 3000N, ie 30kg to 300kg Stroke: 200---2000mm; Different electric window openers should be selected for the type of window to be planned: the first clear window type :Overhanging electric open window, under-hanging electric window opener, mid-suspension electric window opener, electric sunroof, electric sliding window, electric casement window are still inclined roof windows, venting window or maybe other electric Open the window.

1) Small electric sunroof (within 1 square) for household or beautiful occasions: It is preferred to use a chain-type electric window opener with beautiful equipment.

2) If it is a sliding window: To use a rack-type or push-rod type electric window opener, this method is more suitable for running in a straight line. When closing the window, the sealing of the window sash is good.

3) If it is a blind: use a small rack-type or push-rod electric window opener.

4) If it is up/down/suspension: It is also possible to use chain, rack and pusher, but the push and pull force of the rack is the largest.

5) If the window you are planning is wider or too heavy: the width of the window is larger (more than 1.5 meters wide) or when the window is opened/closed, the push/pull force required is larger (beyond 450N), then double push is considered. Electric window opener, double push with rack double push and chain double push, it is a machine with two racks or two chains to push and pull the same large window to ensure the stability of the window. And the degree of sealing when closed.

2. Select the stroke or viewpoint of the window opener: open stroke: convert the open viewpoint of demand into the straight line distance of the window (according to Yu Xuan's theorem), only do daily ventilation, the open viewpoint should generally not be greater than 30 degrees, the stroke is 300-400mm; however, there is a fire protection requirement. When the fire signal is linked, the maximum viewpoint to open the window is generally 70 degrees.

3, the selection of the push-pull force of the window opener: generally between 200N-1000N, the simple push-pull force calculation F = 1/2 (window fan weight) * (open maximum stroke / window height). The strength of the smallest window opener is 200N, which is basically satisfactory for the use of general windows. Third, special special electric window opener / device / equipment, etc., can be customized according to user practice requirements.

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