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Electric window opener professional reshuffle or will be difficult to avoid

With the rapid development of the national economy, many new constructions have been carried out intelligently. The electric window drive sales have been added rapidly. In recent years, the number of domestic window openers has also expanded rapidly. In this regard, some analysts worry that even if the domestic electric window drive sales increase into the "fast lane", however, many companies eager to enter the electric window opener profession have limited strength and even no production capacity, and the first choice is OEM. The method of production is carried out, so most of the domestic window openers are not guaranteed by quality, so most experts believe that in the next one or two years, the electric window opener profession will be difficult to avoid.

Window opener concept

The concept of the window opener: The window opener, also known as the window opener, is simply a structure that can open or close the constructed window. Usually can achieve the purpose of labor saving, or simply switch windows.

From the power source upper area separation window machine is mainly divided into: manual window opener, electric window opener, hand electric dual-purpose window opener, pneumatic window opener, hydraulic window opener. From the control method, it can also be divided into a control one type window opener, a group control type one drag N window opener, and multiple linkages to control one window.

The window-opening machine entered the earliest entry into the domestic construction profession in the early 20th century, and was selected for the demonstration project of the government's advocacy type. After years of development, the profession has become more sophisticated. The number of domestic window opener brands is also increasing. The use has also become more widespread. Ordinary families are also beginning to use.

There are several advantages and uses for the use of window openers:

1. High-level window that cannot be reached by human hand: The height of the window is higher than the height of one person. At this time, it is more convenient to use the electric window opener; especially the window opener is more obvious in the basement skylight or roof skylight.

2, the window of self-weight and overweight, the difficulty of opening the manpower, it is not convenient for the manual switch. The problem of the window opener is solved. The weight of the power window naturally does not need to be considered open.

3. There are a large number of windows, such as exhibition centers, sports centers, airports, passenger transportation centers, industrial plants, etc. The number of windows is hundreds of thousands, and the manpower is opened one by one, which is time-consuming and laborious. This problem can be solved well by electric open windows.

4, fire smoke exhaust window, the new version of the national fire protection specifications have clear requirements for natural smoke exhaust, reasonable natural smoke exhaust windows are planned at a high level, under the premise of conditions, consider automation open, fire linkage, encounter disaster situation Can automatically open the smoke. At present, the use of fire-fighting smoke in public power windows in the country is very widespread, and it is still up to the extent of it.

5, indoor requirements, the temperature must be maintained at a certain value, such as: greenhouses, botanical gardens, water paradise, equipment room, etc., the temperature is too high to automatically open the window, then only the power window can be set;

6, the requirements of the window linked to the climate, the demand for equipment electric window opener or pneumatic window opener and other automatic implementation of the organization, such as: grain storage, logistics center and other warehouses, rain and snow come to the window should be automatically closed in the absence of no circumstances, no The power window certainly can't solve this problem;

7. The indoor air quality requirements are strict, and it is necessary to intelligently control the ventilation and ventilation. Such as: chemical, painting, dust, welding and other factory workshops, electric window plan can solve the problem;

8. The occasion of adjusting the ambient lighting conditions through electric blinds;

9. Other intelligent, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly construction, fulfillment control in the smart home system, etc. It is most suitable to use the electric window opener as the fulfillment organization.

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