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Requirements for the window opener and pneumatic lock of the electric window opener smoke exhaust window

The electric window opener is a system that uses electric equipment to drive various windows in the construction table for automatic opening and closing. It can cooperate with various intelligent control systems and is a high-tech product with intelligence and humanity.

Smoke window window opener and pneumatic lock requirements


1. The window opener and electric lock need to be planned for anti-failure. The manufacturer needs to supply related engineering cases. The engineering case must exceed ten years or more and provide relevant records with normal operation.

2. The manufacturer needs to supply a window reducer with sufficient thrust and tension according to the size of the smoke exhaust window. Open the viewpoint no less than 70 degrees. The smoke exhaust window receives the fire control signal or presses the manual button until the smoke exhaust window is fully opened to 70 degrees without exceeding 60 seconds. A pressing button that engages the control box opens the window under tight conditions and closes the window after the emergency has disappeared

3. The window opener needs to pass the high temperature test. It is necessary to satisfy the requirements of at least 300 ° C for half an hour or 250 ° C for one hour, and provide relevant test reports.

4. The outer casing of the window opener is made of aluminum, and the push rod and rotating components require high-strength stainless steel.

5. Each smoke exhaust window should be equipped with at least one or more electric locks to ensure that the smoke exhaust window will not open due to wind pressure, the manufacturer needs to supply relevant data; and when opening and closing windows, electric lock and open The action of the window device will automatically switch in harmony or in sequence, without affecting the action of the smoke exhaust window.

6. Each electric lock has a locking force of at least 2,000 N and is supplied with relevant test reports.

7. When the fire signal is received, the demand for the smoke exhaust window has always been kept open. If there is external pressure to close the window (if there is strong gust), the smoke exhaust window should be able to open again automatically, sticking to its maximum open viewpoint.

8. The window opener and electric lock are operated directly by the pneumatic controller. The window opener, electric lock and control manipulator are necessary to be the same manufacturer's products to ensure the stability of the system.

9. Smoke control function:

Whether it is a manual fire signal during a fire, it is still an automatic fire signal, which can instantly trigger the smoke exhaust window system.

It is necessary for the manipulator to provide Failsafe functionality.

The manipulator should be satisfied with the fire priority principle. In case of fire, all smoke exhaust windows should perform an urgent open command to shield the natural ventilation control signal.

The manipulator should have a system fault self-test function, which can immediately respond to the fire alarm control system (or building control system).

10. The smoke exhaust window of each district shall be equipped with a fire manual switch for emergency opening.

11. The protection level of the control box is not less than IP54. The controller needs to supply backup power. When the utility power is blocked, the backup power supply supplies the window heater with the power required for opening. The standby time is 72 hours and can be opened two or three times.

12. The controller has a backup power monitoring circuit that monitors the battery condition and responds to signals when there is a lack of power, and automatically charges when there is utility power.

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